Simple, Pure and True

Our true advantage is our water’s unparalled purity right from the source. While we take every step possible in filtration and bottling to ensure the highest quality, our spring’s remote location and nature itself have provided purity and taste unmatched by other bottled waters.
It’s source, Beaty’s Spring, so named for the family who originally owned the land, is located in Pickett County, Tennessee. It runs into Wolf River and finally into Dale Hollow Lake, a waterway and area that is known throughout the Eastern United States for its pristine water, scenic shorelines and excellent bass fishing.

Bottling Facility
CJR Bottling, LLC
6380 Cedar Grove Rd.
Pall Mall, Tennessee 38577
Phone: 931-864-7820

E-mail: Nelda Riley

Franklin Office
340 9th Ave. North
Franklin, Tennessee
Phone: 615-261-1019


Tennessee Spring Water...
simple, pure, true

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